About AtMall



AtMall is an European branding platform with complete B2B e-commerce service, that enables brands intelligently BRANDING, SELLING, and SHIPPING to China market without physical presence.

AtMall is meant to perform as the Chinese marketing and sales department/agent for quality European brands.

AtMall.com's solution comprehends enormous practical requests from both buying and selling market, with a dedicated mission to deliver state of the art content marketing and data-driven affiliate KOL marketing to help companies win the modern eCommerce battle.





AtMall.com provides a comprehensive SaaS and Paas based e-platform with many agile and free services to merchants and B2B2C customers to build a powerful but easy-to-use digital system.


The system deploys virtual inventory, co-supplying structure, and algorithm through logistics system in order to disrupt the traditional ERP. Contents marketing, (local) media marketing combined together with affiliate social marketing is the core to promote brands concretely. It is an open system nevertheless it builds the mechanism to bring back purchasing decision in a slick manner.


Along with marketing and sales agile services, AtMall also provides premium Europe direct shipping. Working together with our strategic partners. We provide high-standard logistics support including transportation, consolidation, and clearance.


 atmall system




A decade ago, the founder Tingting Zhang re-branded a luxury kids product brand from American retro style to European modern vintage style, and she distributed the product line throughout Europe to more than 900 resellers by branding and selling offline to online. 

Besides endeavoring her energy and expertise in modern distribution and e-commerce system, she also dived into online retail by establishing 6 online boutique stores with 7 different categories of kids products.

In 2011, Tingting was asked by a famous corporate finance company (in Rotterdam) to help 2 clients building extra revenue model for selling to China.  Launch In China Operations Consulting was born with a mission to help European brands selling to China through resellers. Through this experience, Tingting had her capability and insights enlightened for cross-border business. She then spent 5 years to deepen her expertise in the area and to develop sales channels.

In 2016 the AtMall concept was created in order to scale up the cross-border e-commerce and trading. The structure was built and developed from sophisticated business logics and procedures, and the concept started and formed from both supplying market and buying markets.

In 2017, both Joyce Deng (CMO) and Alexander den Bosch (CFO) joined forces with AtMall to form a strong team.




Our business model is unique in Europe as a sustainable hybrid of Chinese cultural affinity and European commercial methods.

We pride ourselves on:

* Cross-culture astute w/ genetic European professional origin
* Integral branding level strategy for sales
* Open sharing system allowing multiple on marketing+sales
* Timing: If you want to sell in China, stay outside China


Headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and with an associated office in Shanghai, China, we plan an aggressive rollout across the Europe region to serve major supplying markets; together with China-based partnerships scaling aggressively from 2017, we expect a large expansion across Europe and China (buying market) within 3 years with a pragmatic, balanced approach to build an efficient organization thanks to our technique orientation.


AtMall dedicates on building quality brands and products together with a solid path selling in China through technology approaches.