Airflow Collectibles Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane

Like a shark prowling the ocean, now you can prowl the skies in the Shark Attack Pedal Plane in Black. This all steel plane comes complete with a padded seat and shark teeth decals to scare away any predators that should fly into your air space. Custom graphics is what makes this plane unique with it's shark teeth and black and red color scheme. Like all of Airflow Collectables' pedal planes, the Shark Attack pedal plane has sealed ball bearing drive, high traction tires, non slip pedals, and a moving spring loaded propeller.

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Princess pilots to fly in style in the Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane in Pink. Boys don't get to have all the fun! The all steel plane comes complete with a moving propeller, custom padded white seat and pretty pink paint. All Airflow collectible planes are toy safety tested and approved for the USA and come with high traction tires, non-slip pedals and lead-FREE powder coat paint. Your little girl will lose herself in imagination as she soars above the clouds! • For ages 3-6 years old • Dimensions: 114.3(L)*88.9(wingspan) cm • Handmade • 100% heavy gauge metal body • Long lasting lead FREE powder coat paint • High traction tires • Non slip pedals • Padded and snapped seat • Moving spring loaded propeller • Sealed ball bearing drive • Toy safety tested and approved for the USA and EU • Some assembly required • This isn’t just a toy. It’s a collection and heirloom


SKU 9001PA
Net Weight 22 KG
Dimension 114.3(L)*88.9(wingspan) cm
Material Metal
Target group 3~6 years
Functionality Outdoor play
Brand Airflow Collectibles
Brand Country United States
Practice Type Branding Practice


shark attack plane






而这正是Airflow Collectibles与众不同之处。我们的踏板系列产品精工细作,只为经历时间的考验,陪伴我们最严厉的测试官,我们的孩子。

Airflow Collectibles相信踏板玩具会被一年年,甚至一代代珍藏下去。我们制造永恒,为所有人带去欢乐。

Airflow Collectibles的卓越品质让梦想与现实近在咫尺之间。


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