Going to school



Lilliputiens pink pencil case Liz the fairy

Are you feeling creative? Then use your Liz pencil case. You'll find everything you need to make a beautiful drawing for Mom. With convenient zipper and beautiful applications of Liz the fairy in her own little world.

Lilliputiens schoolbag Arnold the hippo

Regular Price: €39.00

Sale €34.00

In a comfortable, pratical and fun way, Arnold the hippo will happily accompagny the little explorers to the nursery. Like any good pirate, Arnold ventures out, come rain or shine. The even resists milk or chocolate showers, since it is completely water-proof.

Blafre super fun owl lunch box

This lunch box is so much more than just a box for your sandwiches . Blafre is doing some effort to keep the carbon footprint low. The bins come from a local production and are free of BPA s and other chemicals. Even the smallest kids are been taken care of. Even tiny hand can easily open the boxes. And they simply look really cool! Available in three funky colors. And after lunch it just goes into the dishwasher.

Mutsy Nexo kids seating

You’re almost big enough to have your own chair, but not quite big enough to see over the table. That doesn’t make for a very comfortable eating experience, does it? Thanks to the Mutsy booster chair you’re back in the game!