To help to increase your brand awareness in China, we offer a complete branding solution, which includes Brand Kit Building, Creative Work and Content Distribution& Influence. 




Copywrite brand story

We help you deliver your brand story and global image to Chinese consumers in Chinese language. 


Copywrite Media advertorial

Media advertorial means all articles and advertorials your brand and/or products have featured in on any form of media. We will translate them into Chinese language.  




Corporate video

To increase the Chinese consumer's trust of your company, it is important to provide as much information as possible. As a paid service (or included in the package), you are given

a chance to introduce your brand and products with 3-to-5-minute-long videos. This service includes shooting, editing and adding Chinese subtitles. 


Creative Copywriting in Chinese

Working with industrial KOLs, we are able to make good uses of their frame to increase your brand awareness and visibility. Using advanced technologies and our knowledge of

the Chinese market, we are able to help to identify the most suitable influencers for you. Besides, on your behalf, we co-create and monitor content these KOLs posted.




KOL Campaign

KOLs are currently the most effective social media campaign in this market, thus we help you to distribute content posted by KOLs you work with on multiple social media platforms.


Affiliate Social Media Marketing

To further enhance your brand awareness in the Chinese market, we use affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most cost efficient manner to spread the words to the world. This method is especially useful for brands entering the Chinese market in order to increase brand awareness fastly. We advertise your products and content using the Chinese affiliate network platforms, e.g. and Alimama. These platforms allow us to focus on the targeted communities and KOL societies with rather low costs (depending on the scale of the campaign). We make sure that your messages can reach to the right audience and you pay for efficient sales leads! 

Make good use of shared economy with new branding and new media.





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