Co-branding Partners

AtMall is continuously seeking a best practice for delivering top-notch results for brands and products.

We are seeking tight-bond work together with existed Marketing agencies, advertising agencies, media agencies, and even sales agencies. These mentioned parties have to be professional operated and verified by us. It doesn't influence if you contribute your force in Europe, or in China.

If you are one of the above parties mentioned, especially you are already serving a brand who has intention to sell in China, please kindly contact us to join the force  to carry out a best practice for the brands and product.

You will be assigned to link the relations and you will be able to co-manage the work and even the sales.

The reward of co-working forces will be agreed and pro-loaded in the system. That's how we carry out a most efficient and effective working procedure and result.



So do not hesitate, join us now!