The founder of AtMall is an experienced consultant for numerous European brands aiming to enter Chinese market. She also has 10 years of experience in European e-

commerce on both wholesale and retail levels. Using her expertise in Chinese market and e-commerce, AtMall aims to aggregate many online and offline sales

channels to help you enter Chinese market successfully and gain profits. This company serves as a platform, connecting Chinese (e-)sellers and European brands.

As the picture below shows, we provide an easy solution for both parties. You, as an European brand, is able to have a clear overview of your sales and goods allocation in China

using our system as AtMall would become your contact person with many individual Chinese sellers.  Furthermore, by helping European brands to translate their product

information and available advertorials into Chinese and working together with distributors, we help you to increase your brand awareness and communicate selling points of your

products with Chinese consumers following your brand strategy through different types of media. 





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