All you have to know about effectively selling to China without physical presenceAt Magazine (EU)
Published at 1 Jun 2017

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All you have to know about effectively selling to China without physical presence | At Magazine (EU)

Selling to China? Sure... the biggest market to see fast growing effect on overseas products.

Cross-border e-commerce (especially with direct shipping from overseas) has many benefits: less tax, faster shipping (than traditional trading), no request on animal testing, 99.999% reliability... and, the following chart speaks. 

Do a little quiz first before the jump:

1. Do you know there are 3 different tax rules on cross-border e-commerce products; each one has its own sub-rules; you can actually optimize and save big on unnecessary taxes based on categories and quantities?

2. Do you know why you are not making enough sales on those top Chinese platforms, no matter how hard you have tried with your best efforts?

3. Do you know why an unknown European brand all of a sudden became popular in China, and what is the secret?

4. Do you know how "go viral" looks like in China market? How to get close to that scale?

Not sure about the answers? No worries. That's why you should read through the following infographics in order to get a good understanding on how to brand and sell effectively in China without a physical presence.

In the infographics, you will also find out the 3 reasons that why it should be your current strategy: "if you want to sell in China, stay outside China".

* This paradox works especially for now, the epidemic period for "haitao" (internet buying behaviour from overseas)

** This paradox works mostly for consuming market;

*** No sweat even if you already have representative office or master distributor in China -- it's perfect to co-brand with a overseas based agent carrying out strategy for China market together.


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