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Published at 13 Jun 2017

The story of ROYAL BAMBOO was born out of the material, in Amsterdam in 2008

Royal Bamboo Press Release | Mama (NL)


The story of ROYAL BAMBOO was born out of the material, in Amsterdam in 2008. It was the eco friendly grow process of the bamboo and the extremely attractive features of the bamboo fabric that pushed us into this adventure. This innovative and ultra soft bamboo fabric showed us so many advantages, it called for a new fashion concept as good as itself.

Being inspired by the sustainability of bamboo, ROYAL BAMBOO founder Katja Buturlina, wanted to bring a simple and authentic concept. The idea to create simple timeless fashion was born. Garments to be worn close to the skin, because of the incredible comfort and softness. Practical pieces that you can always wear, because they fit every style and because you really love them! This concept is now called ‘slow fashion’.

The colours of the collection are carefully selected and timeless as well. We have the classic colors black and ivory, these don’t need any explaination. We also have the nature inspired colours like apricot, taupe and jade. These colours are timeless in there feminine and natural look.

Once you have found your perfect shirt, the one you really adore, in the next year it will still be here, like true love! Our collection is constant, it grows slowly and smart, and it becomes the perfect selection of fashion that is here to stay.

What’s in a name?

BAMBOO speaks for itself. All our products are made of bamboo yarn.

ROYAL because of the majesticity of the bamboo grass and because of the magnificent features of bamboo fabric. Bamboo has been for centuries one of the most powerful and strong symbols in Asia. But for us it really has proven itself to be the KING of fashion materials. We are experimenting with different usages of bamboo and hope to show you more of the innovative possibilities of this diverse and eco friendly material in the near future!

The logo of ROYAL BAMBOO is for those who know how bamboo grows not a puzzle. If you ever have the opportunity and time ; ) look carefully next to the mature bamboo sticks, and you will find the eager young generation of bamboo sprouts coming out of the ground. We have three of these bamboo sprouts in our logo.


Slow fashion

What is slow fashion?

It’s about becoming aware of the whole fashion process, from design through production through use and through the potential to reuse. It’s also about loving your clothes and properly taking care for your wardrobe. ROYAL BAMBOO clothes are made within the ´slow fashion´ philosophy. From the start the founder Katja Buturlina had a vision for fashion based on the values of the slow fashion movement. Her vision is about the balance between ecological, ethical and aesthetical benefits. Bringing a collection that can last for years and encouraging consumers to choose quality over quantity and authenticity over trends. Making lasting pieces that really will be loved by its owners.

Ethics and aesthetics

The process of creating our product means just as much to us as the final result. Within the process we believe in the importance of sustainability, social responsibility, excellence, learning and passion! Because we have specialized ourselfs in bamboo and only work with commited and reliable partners, we know where our products come from and that they are made under good social conditions. Our collection is constant, which means we also have a continues production flow. That gives us and our factory partners enough time to produce ROYAL BAMBOO. With less time pressure on the employees which contributes to their welfare and to good quality of the products.

Timeless design

At ROYAL BAMBOO we have a deep rooted focus on the value of timeless design. We are building a smart collection, clothes that are not limited to a season or trend. All styles are created with careful attention for the perfect fit and love for detail. We don’t chase trends but we always fit in! ROYAL BAMBOO pieces are therefor salesproof, the collection is worth its price today and next year.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.


What is bamboo?
Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on earth. It is strong, renewable, durable and it can grow up to three feet each day. Bamboo as a material can be rigid or flexible, so the uses truly are endless. One of the most innovative parts of the bamboo industry has got to be bamboo textile.

What are the benefits of bamboo clothing?
ROYAL BAMBOO basics have a rich, silky and soft handfeel due to the shape of the fibre. Bamboo products have natural anti bacterial properties, which makes clothing made of bamboo remain odorless longer. Our products do not irritate the sensitive skin. Being breathable and absorbent the fabric keeps the body cool and dry when it is warm, though it keeps the body warmer when it is cold.

Why is bamboo ecologically better than cotton?

Bamboo fabric is one of the most economical and ecological products in the world. Because of how bamboo grows, there is only a fraction of the time and resources spent on producing bamboo for fabric as there is for cotton. Bamboo does not require the large amounts of land, water, fertilizers and pesticides that cotton does require to be produced. Even for organic cotton you can not go without big plantations and continues irrigation. Bamboo grows with natural rainfall, needs less space as it grows in length, can be harvested several times, and does not need pesticides due to its natural antibacterial properties.

Should bamboo not be food for Pandas?

The bamboo used for ROYAL BAMBOO is Moso bamboo and is grown in Yunnan Province in China. The main ingredient for the diet of the very picky Chinese Giant Panda is Bashania fangiana. This bamboo grows in large areas in the Western Sichuan mountains. This means that the panda does not feed on Moso bamboo which is used for our products.

How to make a shirt of bamboo?

The ROYAL BAMBOO garment production flow:
bamboo sticks – raw bamboo chips – bamboo pulp – bamboo cellulose – bamboo fibre – bamboo yarn – bamboo fabric – bamboo garment.

We should feel lucky to have been blessed with such a miraculous plant that will reproduce in the harshest circumstances and will grow in our climates, we do our part in supporting and promoting it.


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