Snoozebaby Handpuppet dog Bark (red/fuchsia) one size

Three cute cuddling animals shaped like a cat, bear and a dog.

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Three cute cuddling animals shaped like a cat, bear and a dog. Toddlers can easily hold them and can even use them as hand puppets if desired. Mimi looks cheery with her fuchsia pink body and red arms and legs. Bark is beige/orange with a lime design on his the back. Lune is black and white with a gray pattern on the back. Each of them is equipped with many tags and opportunities for children to exercise their tactile senses. 20 cm long. Machine wash only, 30 degrees, no tumble dry, no ironing


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Brand Snoozebaby
Brand Country Netherlands
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Snoozebaby is an ambitious brand with a strong position in the Dutch baby- and toddler product market for more than 10 years. And becoming more famous in our foreign markets every day. Our ultra-soft, functional and playful baby textile accessories, based on the self-invented tag-concept, touch people's hearts worldwide


Many babies and toddlers can not be without our tags and soft fabrics. They are great to touch, feel and play with. And while doing this, the fine motor skills are stimulated and the sense of touch is promoted. As a result, the products offer comfort, joy and security for free. And all of this, just by simply cuddling with our products.

Star fabric
Our products are made of the finest fabrics such as jersey (100% cotton) and velours (80% cotton /20% polyester). Our fabrics will absorb mum's or dad's body odour. Guarantee for a secure feeling. The famous tags differ in size, colour and texture. We use satin, silk, rib and velvet. Each baby discovers ist own favourite tag. All our products are CE-certified and pass among others the most recent EU toy directives (EN71) and US directive (ASTM, reach). Our manufacturer in Turkey is BSCI certified and uses OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics only.





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