In order to facilitate our interactions with Supplying Partners, we introduce AtMall Vendor Portal, an interphase that allows brands and its co-suppliers to manually upload catalog, import catalog data with CSV files, or stream data with API. .

Listing your catalog in English and Chinese (if you have the Chinese versions already) is always free.

Please just register on vendor portal and upload your product catalog. After verification, we will co-build a robust marketing/media kit with you, and start to sell for you.




3 steps upload catalogues


What can Vendor Portal do?

1. The system allows you to upload your product and brand information from CSV, using API or manually. Once approved, your product will be listed on our website automatically. 

2. AtMall will translate your existing advertorials and product information into Chinese for you. The system enables you to check the translated content and upload new marketing materials for us. 

3. The system allows a brand's official dealers throughout Europe to list their inventory. In this way, we can minimize the possibility of inventory shortage and decrease logistic costs by allocating optimal route and efficient consolidation. 

4. Once an order is placed, the system determines the best vendor (if multiple vendors provide the given product) based on the following criteria: costs, routes, quantity available and supply stability, using algorithms. A notification will be sent to the chosen vendor via email. When this vendor confirms and accepts the order, the sales contract between the CUSTOMER and the VENDOR is completed via AtMall.

5. The system allows you to check your sales performance easily even if you are working with multiple distributors in China. 


what you can do on atmall vendorportal